George Dickel Bottled in Bond (2020) Scoresheet & Review

If there’s one whisky producer known for appearing in a considerable chunk of sourced bottlings, it’s Ross & Squibb (MGP). If there’s one whisky producer known for appearing in a considerable chunk of sourced bottlings that people would rather avoid, it’s George Dickel. All the same, some individuals have become fatigued at the ever-increasing number … More

Four Roses Single Barrel Scoresheet & Review

Digging deeper and deeper into the many intricacies of whiskey production is one the main reasons I find it so fascinating. That whiskey is made from a combination of water, grain, and yeast is easy enough to conceptually understand. It’s when we start getting into the minutiae of the process, however, that the real intrigue … More

Stellum Rye Serpens Pick Scoresheet & Review

Ask a more casual or budget-minded drinker for their thoughts on Barrell Craft Spirits and the issue of pricing is all but guaranteed to come up. Even those in the more enthusiast-level crowd will utter similar comments. It’s the classic “weak value” versus “paying for quality” dilemma which only becomes blurrier as whiskey keeps growing. … More

New Riff Single Barrel Rye Scoresheet & Review

New Riff is a brand I always meant to explore early into my whiskey journey, but I put them off in favor of other brands and expressions. This has only been amplified in the past 3-5 years. Not only are new names popping up left and right, but they’re often bringing multiple bottles in quick … More

Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye (2021) Scoresheet & Review

I have a soft spot for Michter’s. I thoroughly enjoyed their standard bourbon and rye when first exploring whiskey, particularly the former. Most other expressions I’ve tried from the Louisville brand have also held up well, even if the solid 10-Year expressions are difficult to justify spending $200 (or more) on. Despite my fondness, there’s … More

Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength (Batch 10) Scoresheet & Review

The folks at Penelope Bourbon have one of the more down-to-earth backstories as far as whiskey producers go. Rather than naming the brand after yet another famous figure in spirits history, founders Michael and Kerry Paladini chose a different source: the impending birth of their daughter in 2018. The idea was to “create a spirit … More

Barrell Seagrass Scoresheet & Review

One whiskey release from 2021 that requires next to no introduction is Barrell Seagrass. The storm of talk and acclaim following its release was prompt, and Barrell are still riding that high with the recently released 16-Year Seagrass, which will soon be followed by a 20-Year version. Most folks won’t get to try either of … More

Barrell Armida Scoresheet & Review

Of the interesting expressions Barrell Craft Spirits has presented us, Armida might be one of the least discussed. Dovetail, being the first Barrell product I heard of that wasn’t a traditional whiskey blend, drew a considerable amount of attention thanks to its unique triple-cask finish. Then there was last year’s Seagrass, topping many whiskey lists … More

Barrell Bourbon Batch 032 Scoresheet & Review

There’s no doubt that Barrell Craft Spirits have a lot of pride and confidence in their brand. Scroll down their homepage and you’ll be greeted by an impressive list of recent mentions from media outlets. Since their stake to fame comes from blending whiskeys (sometimes finishing them in multiple casks) rather than distilling and aging, … More

Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost Scoresheet & Review

Do you ever look back fondly on your earlier drinking days? For me, those were the days when Captain Morgan and Coke was all I needed and having Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with ginger ale made me feel boujie. In a way I reminisce the way your parents might, saying that the “old days” were … More


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