Welcome to Spirit Scoresheets!

My name is Ken, but you might know me as Xenoraiser from Reddit. I’m a 30-something living in Florida with a growing fondness for whiskey, particularly bourbon. After discovering a small passion for whiskey while dipping in and out of whiskey subreddits, I had a neat idea: What if I expressed my thoughts on whiskey in a more visual form? Thus my first go at a scoresheet was born. Since then I’ve been working on a number of additional scoresheets, always looking for ways to improve them.

These scoresheets have allowed me to be creative and analytical with my work in a more visual medium. My educational background includes degrees in Journalism and English, so writing about stuff that interests me is second-nature. Yet I’ve always had a visually stimulated mind. Fortunately, the existence of image editing combines nicely with my graphically minded, well, mind. Sprinkle in just enough writing on the scoresheets to provide context and additional details and the rest is (and will continue to be) my own personal history.

So why bother creating a blog when I can simply post the scoresheets to Reddit (often more quickly)? Simple: I want a more “official” hub for my scoresheets, one that gives me the freedom to post not just scoresheets, but accompanying posts with further thoughts and details, both for myself and any curious readers. A blog I manage on WordPress feels more “mine” than a subreddit and series of r/bourbon posts.

If you wish to reach me, be sure you check out my Contact page!