1792 Aged Twelve Years

1792 Small Batch

Ancient Ancient Age

Angel’s Envy

Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series #4

Barrell Bourbon Batch 025

Barrell Bourbon Batch 026

Barrell Bourbon Batch 032

Benchmark Small Batch

Black Maple Hill

Black Ridge

Blade & Bow

Blanton’s Single Barrel

Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel

Booker’s (2019-03, “Country Ham”)

Booker’s (2020-01, “Granny’s Batch”)

Booker’s (2020-02, “Boston Batch”)

Booker’s (2020-03, “Pigskin Batch”)

Bowman Brothers Small Batch

Buffalo Trace

Calumet Farm 10-Year Single Rack Black

Calumet Farm 14-Year Single Rack Black

Castle & Key Small Batch (Batch 3)

Chattanooga Whiskey 1816 Reserve

Chattanooga Whiskey 91

Chattanooga Whiskey 111

Chattanooga Whiskey Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend

Coopers’ Craft Barrel Reserve

Doc Swinson’s Alter Ego (Batch 21-004)

Driftless Glen Wheated Single Barrel r/bourbon Pick

Eagle Rare

Early Times Bottled in Bond

E.H. Taylor Small Batch

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (C919)

Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel

Evan Williams Black Label

Evan Williams Single Barrel (2012 Vintage)

Ezra Brooks

Ezra Brooks 99

Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses Small Batch Select

George Dickel

George T. Stagg (2020)

Good Old Times Cigar Blend

Goodwood Stout Barrel Finish

Heaven’s Door Decade Series 10-Year

Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 7-Year

Heaven Hill Green Label 6-Year

Henry McKenna Single Barrel

Hirsch Reserve Small Batch

Hudson Baby Bourbon

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel’s Old Number 7

Jim Beam Black (2021)

Jim Beam Repeal Batch

Jim Beam Signature Craft Brown Rice

Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask

Jim Beam Signature Craft Six Row Barley

Jim Beam Signature Craft Triticale

Jim Beam White Label

Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Batch 97

Knob Creek Single Barrel Norman’s Liquors Pick

Knob Creek Small Batch 9-Year

Knob Creek 12-Year

Knob Creek 15-Year


Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark 101

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength (Batch 20-03)

Maker’s Mark Private Select Batch #2

Maker’s Mark 2019 Wood Finishing Series (RC6)

Maker’s Mark 2020 Wood Finishing Series (SE4xPR5)

Maker’s Mark 2021 Wood Finishing Series (FAE-01)

Maker’s Mark 2021 Wood Finishing Series (FAE-02)

Michter’s 10-Year Single Barrel (2021)

Milam & Greene Single Barrel r/bourbon Pick

Milam & Greene Triple Cask

New Riff Bottled in Bond

Noah’s Mill

Nulu Single Barrel (Total Wine Pick)

Old Carter Single Barrel (Barrel #19)

Old Carter Single Barrel (Barrel #70)

Old Elk “Cosmic Wheat II” r/bourbon Pick

Old Forester 100

Old Forester 1910

Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength Inlet Harbour Pick

Old Grand Dad 114

Old Tub Bottled in Bond

Pappy Van Winkle 15-Year (2020)

Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength (Batch 10)

Pinhook Bohemian Bourbon (Crop 2020)

Rabbit Hole Dareringer


Rebel 100

Rebel Distiller’s Collection

Rock Hill Farms

Rowan’s Creek

Russell’s Reserve 10-Year

Shenk’s Homestead (2019)

Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered (Batch 45)

Spirits of the Apocalypse

Stagg Jr. (Batch 14)

Ten High

Thomas S. Moore Cabernet Sauvignon Finish

Very Old Barton 100

Weller 12-Year

Weller Full Proof

Weller Full Proof (Total Wine)

Weller Special Reserve

Wheeler’s Raid Toasted Honey Rye Elixir Spirits Pick

Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey Longbranch

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17-Year (2015)

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Revival

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Wilderness Trail Yellow Label

Willett 8-Year Wheated

Willett Pot Still Reserve

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Batch Proof (2019)

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Woodinville Bourbon

Woodinville Private Select North Carolina

Zackariah Harris