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Whistlepig r/bourbon “Whistle Missile” Pick Scoresheet & Review

I’m something of a procrastinator when it comes to reviewing barrel picks. There are only so many ways I can introduce and talk at length about what are literally slight variations on the same product. Consequently, I’ve put off killing certain bottles simply because I haven’t reviewed them yet. I aim to rectify that this … More

Willett Pot Still Reserve Scoresheet & Review

Some of you may know that I took my first trip to Kentucky this past summer to do a little distillery trek (by little I mean 12, 13 if we include Chattanooga Whiskey). I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, mostly that I wanted to find out what bourbon country was like. One surprising endorsement … More

Thomas S. Moore Cabernet Sauvignon Finish Scoresheet & Review

Barton 1792 gets around more than one might think. On top of the in-house 1792 line, their whiskey is used for the likes of Very Old Barton, Sam Houston, Calumet Farm, Goodwood, and perhaps most recently, Thomas S. Moore. The name is taken from a pioneer who, in 1889, built the distillery that ultimately became … More