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Clynelish 14-Year Scoresheet & Review

Knowing where to start with Clynelish is tough. Where many distilleries have a defining characteristic, historic or otherwise, Clynelish is ostensibly far less extravagant. Not unlike Caol Ila, Clynelish’s present claim to fame isn’t even a claim for itself: it’s the whisky’s role in Johnnie Walker blends. The brand’s history is similarly unembellished. The original … More

Johnnie Walker Red Label Scoresheet & Review

Like it or not, Johnnie Walker is the brand most people think of when it comes to scotch. And as with anything popular, it has no shortage of detractors. The three primary targets of reason seem to be the brand’s exclusive use of blends, the fact it’s owned by Diageo, and the oft-criticized quality of … More

Driftless Glen Wheated Single Barrel r/bourbon Pick Scoresheet & Review

I’m always a proponent for more wheated products. Utilized correctly, the grain can bestow some wonderful profiles. There are times a wheated bourbon or wheat whiskey can also serve as a good curveball, since they sometimes possess a floral quality more commonly associated with rye. Yet the market continues to feel cornered by a handful … More